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Routes with Relaxed Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement will be relaxed today along the following routes:

CD Route No. Posted Time Boundaries
1 10 10P143 W 11:am - 1:pm Adams Blvd to Jefferson Blvd - Crenshaw Blvd to Edgehill Dr
2 10 10P144 W 1:pm - 3:pm Adams Blvd to Exposition Blvd -West Blvd to Crenshaw Blvd
3 11 12P129 W 10:am - 12:noon Washington Blvd to Jefferson Blvd-Sawtelle Blvd to Alla Rd
4 5 12P287 W 12:noon - 2:30 pm Kelton Ave to Sepulveda Blvd-Rose Ave to Venice Blvd
5 5 12P288 W 8:am - 10:am Santa Monica Fwy to Culver City Limits-Ellis Ave to Overland Ave
6 5 12P289 W 10:am - 12:noon Hughes Ave to Kelton Ave-National Blvd to Venice Blvd
7 11 12P351 W 1:pm - 3:pm Santa Monica City Limits to Palms Blvd-Penmar Ave to Lincoln Bl
CD Route No. Posted Time Boundaries
CD Route No. Posted Time Boundaries
1 4/13 7P327 W 8:am - 10:am Franklin av. to Fountain av. / Hillhurst to Sanorn av.
2 4/13 7P328 W 10:am - 12:noon St. George st. to Fountain av. / Sanborn av. Griffith park bl.
3 10 9P151 W 8:am - 11:am Pico - Washington, Wilton - Bronson
4 10 9P165 W 10:am - 12:noon La Brea - Arlington, 10 Fwy - Washington
CD Route No. Posted Time Boundaries

Find your Street Sweeping Route

Choose your Council District from the dropdown menu below. A map will open in a new window, showing street sweeping routes and schedules for your neighborhood.

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If you don't know your Council District, you can use the Address Lookup function below. Type in your address (street number and street name) and then click View. If there are multiple matches for your query, you will need to choose one from the list that corresponds to your street. Otherwise, the map of routes will automatically open.

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