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This form is intended to be used by the public as an easy way of submitting Street Services Service Requests electronically.
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If this is an emergency, please call us at (800) 996-CITY or (800) 996-2489. You must be using a Forms-capable WWW client to be able to submit comments.

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Pothole or Request for Street Repairs

Street Needs Resurfacing

Tree Needs Trimming

Tree or Branch Fell in Street

Alley Needs Cleaning

Street Needs Sweeping

Object/Debris in Street

Leaf Blower Violation

Broken or Damaged Sidewalks

Sidewalk Obstruction

Problem with/on Median Island

Damaged Guardrails

Downed Palm Fronds

Tree Pruning Permit

Tree Removal Permit

Root Pruning Permit

Stump Removal Permit


NOTE: For additional types of permit applications such as Overloads, Building Materials, Special Events, etc.,
please go to this website

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