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Obtaining Your Tree

The official tree of the City of Los Angeles is the Coral tree. This tree is a tropical that has a spreading multiple trunk habit that often spans or exceeds its height, which may reach fifty feet. The tree is prized in gardens for its beautiful orange summer flowers.

Due to its spreading habit, it is not often utilized as a street tree. It is, however, used in median islands where space is more available. The San Vicente Boulevard median between Bringham Avenue and 26 th Street is one such median. This median contains over one hundred beautiful Coral trees. These trees have been granted Historic-Cultural Monument status. Summer brings a profuse flush of bright orange flowers.

The size of these trees and the vibrant flower color make this a street to be visited at anytime. Although not under the authority of the City of Los Angeles , the Coral trees continue in the San Vicente median through the City of Santa Monica maintaining the look and feel of the median all the way to the ocean.

IIf you are planting your own street tree, whether as an individual or a group, you will need to obtain the tree(s). 

The standard tree stock size for street trees is a 24” box specimen.  In areas that are completely residential (single family dwellings) a smaller specimen, 15 gallon size, may be used upon approval from the Division.  These are container sizes and for reference only.
            Stock Size                                           Tree Trunk Diameter  
            15 gallon                                             ¾”-1.5”
            24” box                                               1.5”-3”
            36” box                                               3” +

No street tree plantings shall be smaller than 3/4” diameter. The quality of the tree crown and root system is also inspected and trees may be declined if the tree has been topped, improperly planted in the container, has encircling roots, or for other structural or health problems. Please refer to the nursery specifications.

Trees may be obtained from your local nursery or through City Plants.

UFD hopes this webpage supplies you with all of the information and guidance you will need to successfully complete your street tree planting project. If you need further information please contact the Division at (213) 847-3077.