Tabebuia chrysotricha
tah-bee-BOO-ee-uh krye-so-TRIKE-uh

Golden Trumpet Tree
Bignoniaceae (Bignonia family)
Origin: Brazil





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City of Los Angeles - Department of Public Works
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Species characteristics:
Form - Briefly deciduous, sometimes evergreen. Small to medium sized tree growing to 25 - 30'. Irregular in shape when young, becoming rounded and spreading with age.

Trunk - Smooth, thin, light gray bark with narrow linear markings.

Foliage - Palmately compound leaves have five leaflets, 2 - 4" long and 1/2" wide, with pubescence on the undersides. Young twigs and flower buds are also covered with cream-colored fuzz.

Flowers/fruit - Showy, deep yellow 3 - 4" trumpet shaped flowers are borne on graceful, wide-spreading branches in early spring (March-April) during brief deciduous period. Sometimes blooms at other times, when leaves are present. There is a red stripe on the throat of the flowers which develop in increasingly dense clusters with maturity. Fruits are borne in skinny pods
8 - 9 1/2" long and less than 1/2" wide. Small 1/4" bean-like seeds disperse from the opened pods in late summer, followed by the twisted empty pods which drop by early fall.

No significant pest problems are known at this time.

Site suitability:

Sunset zones - 15, 16, and 20- 24. Hardy to 25.

Clearances - Suitable for 3' minimum parkways, medians or 4' cutouts. Suitable under utility lines.

Good for street sides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:
Grows best in full sun, prefers well-drained soils, best growth with regular watering and fertilizing. Drought tolerant when established.