Eucalyptus nicholii
you-kuh-LIP-tus nih-KOL-ee-eye

Nichol's Willow - Leafed Peppermint
Myrtaceae (Myrtle family)
Origin: Australia

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Species characteristics:
Form - Evergreen. Dome shaped, graceful tree with weeping branches, fast growing to 40'.

Trunk - Deeply furrowed brown bark with longitudinal fissures.

Foliage - Leaves pendulous, lanceolate blue-green and willowlike, 2 - 3" long and 1/4" wide. Usually sightly curved and alternately arranged, often tinged with purple in spring. Juvenile foliage is light green. Has peppermint aroma when crushed.

Flowers/fruit - Small clusters of creamy-white flowers in summer. Fruits are small rounded capsules heId closely along the stem.

No significant pest problems.

Site suitability:
Sunset zones: 8 - 24.

Clearances - Suitable for 5 - 6' parkways or 5 x 5' cutouts.

Good for streetsides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:
Needs good drainage, excessive water causes chlorosis. Juvenile trees subject to windthrow.