Eucalyptus leucoxylon
you-kuh-LIP-tus loo-KOCKS-ee-Ion

White Ironbark
Myrtaceae (Myrtle family)
Origin: Australia

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City of Los Angeles - Department of Public Works
Bureau of Street Services

Species characteristics:
Form - Evergreen. Open-crowned, moderate to rapid growing, with pendulous branches, extremely variable to 80' tall, usually slender and upright.

Trunk - Scaly bark sheds, leaving white, mottled gray to muted yellow.

Foliage - Juvenile leaves ovate-lanceolate, adult leaves 3 -4 " long, sickle shaped, and grayish to dull green.

Flowers/fruit - White flowers with unequal stamens and bell-shaped seed capsules, 3/8" wide. Buds and fruits are borne in threes and hang downward on slender stems. Fruits have a flat cap that frequently drops, often leaving ajagged edge.

Cultivars -'Rosea' has pink flowers. E. I. macrocarpa 'Rosea' has crimson flowers and reaches a height of only 20'.

No significant pest problems are known at this time.

Site suitability:
Sunset zones: 8, 9, 12 - 24. Hardy to 18.

Clearances - Suitable for 6' minimum parkways, medians or cutouts. Cultivar E. I. macrocarpa 'Rosea' suitable for 3' minimum parkway and for use under utility lines.

Good for street sides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:

Widely adapted medium-sized eucalypt. Grows best near coast, but will endure considerable drought, poor or heavy soils, heat and wind. Young trees often slow to develop upright habit.