Eucalyptus ficifolia
you-kuh-LIP-tus fiss-ih-FOE-Iee-uh

Red Flowering Gum,
Crimson-Flowered Eucalyptus,
Scarlet Gum

Myrtaceae (Myrtle family)
Origin: Western Australia




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City of Los Angeles - Department of Public Works
Bureau of Street Services

Species characteristics:
Form - Evergreen. Compact, round-headed tree having slow to moderate growth to 40' or more. Spectacular when in flower.

Trunk -Gray bark may be stringy or fibrous.

Foliage -Thick, leathery, dark green, ovate juvenile leaves become longer and lanceolate when adult, reaching 3 to 7" long and
1 to 2 1/2" wide. The name is a good descriptor, meaning literally "having leaves like a fig".

Flowers/fruit -Masses of showy 1" flowers are borne in clusters of
1I' panicles. Color may be cream"light pink, salmon, orange, or, most frequently, light red. Blooming occurs all year, but at their best during July and August. The thick woody, broadly urn-shaped fruits are 1 to 1 1/2" long and as wide.

No significant pest problems are known at this time.

Site suitability:
Sunset zones: 15 -17, 22 -24. Hardy to 30 degrees.

Clearances -Suitable for 7' minimum parkways, medians or cutouts.

Good for street sides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:

Remove heavy production of seed capsules from young trees to prevent limb damage. Best on coast. Can withstand drought but not severe frost. To get desired color, purchase in bloom.