Cedrela fissilis
suh-DRELL-uh FISS-ill-uss

Brazilian Cedar Wood, Toon
Meliaceae (Mahogany family)
Origin: Brazil and Paraguay


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Species characteristics:
Form - Deciduous. Irregularly rounded crown of thick branches grows slowly then moderately to 40 - 50' or more at maturity. Long-lived tropical tree of great character.

Trunk - Rather straight with little branching. Smooth, gray bark when young becoming rough and deeply fissured with age.

Foliage - Even pinnately compound 10 - 20" long leaves are a smooth dark green above and pubescent below with a softly hairy stalk. The 17 - 25 leaflets about 1 1/4" wide at the base taper along a 6" length.

Flowers/fruit - Pale, yellow-green tubular flowers 3/8" long are in drooping, dense panicles about 1' long in spring and early summer. Fruit is a woody, persistent 2 1/2 - 3" capsule with a shiny dark brown surface dotted with light brown specks. At maturity it splits lengthwise to form a five-Iobed star, releasing winged seeds. The empty capsules are valued for floral arrangements.

No significant pest problems are known at this time. .

Site suitability:

Sunset zones - 16, 17, 22 - 24.

Clearances - Suitable for 5' minimum parkways, medians or cutouts.

Good for street sides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:
Tolerates most soils if well drained. Water and fertilize young trees regularly. Established trees are drought tolerant. Avoid constant ocean exposure to protect large leaves from tattering.

Comments, notes:
Not readily available at wholesale nurseries but merits attention.