Bischofia javanica
bih-SCHOFF-ee-uh a-VON-ee-kuh
(B. trifoliate)

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge family)
Origin: Tropical Asia and Pacific Islands


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Species characteristics:
Form - Evergreen. Slow growing to 50' in this regional environment. Rounded, densely foliated canopy though flat topped with regular ocean exposure.

Trunk -Smooth to fine textured or fibrous, gray to reddish-brown bark.

Foliage -Leaves are large, dark green to bronzy, trifoliate and alternately compound with 3 ovate, leathery leaflets. Leaflets are minutely toothed, 5" long and 4 " wide with a tail like tip.

Flowers/fruit -Small inconspicuous flowers bloom April to May without petals, develop into round reddish or blue pea-sized fruits bunched among the leaves.

No significant pest problems are known at this time.

Site suitability:

Sunset zones -23 and 24. Some frost damage at 30.

Clearances -Suitable for 7' minimum parkways, medians or cutouts.

Good for street sides, medians, parks and lawns.

Culture considerations:

Grows well in sandy soil. Moderate drought tolerance, excellent for seacoast exposure.

Comments, notes
Worthwhile coastal tree where a dense, spreading, shady canopy is wanted. Unique glossy leaves give tropical appearance yet is small enough to incorporate with most landscapes.