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Frequently Asked Questions


Isnít the City responsible for repairing all of the damaged sidewalks within the city of Los Angeles? 

Actually, the answer is no. The only exception to this rule is when trees have uplifted the sidewalk. In all other cases it is the adjacent property owner’s responsibility to maintain and/or, repair the sidewalk. Property owners by law are expected to maintain the area between the curb4ace and the back of sidewalk in a safe condition (Los Angeles Municipal Code, Chapter VI, of Section 62.104).

I reported a broken sidewalk 3 years ago. Street Maintenance repaired it with black asphalt, but why hasn’t it been repaired in concrete yet? Play Video

Unlike asphalt repairs, concrete sidewalk repairs are not done at single locations, Rather, requests are collected and are put together to create a large grid. Once funding becomes available, our division can begin addressing the necessary repairs throughout the city’s various neighborhoods.

My driveway apron is broken because of City trees. Will your crews repair it? 

In most instances damaged driveways receive an interim asphalt repair. However, if you wish to make the repairs yourself you may apply for a permit through your local Bureau of Engineering office. If you have any additional questions please call our Service Request line at 1(800) 996-CITY or 3-1-1.


My curb, gutter, and sidewalk are all raised by a tree in the parkway. I want all the concrete repaired, but I don’t want to lose my shady tree. Play Video

It is the City’s policy to preserve all parkway trees unless they present a safety hazard. In most all other cases, tree roots are pruned only on the side of where the concrete repairs are to take place. If you have any tree related questions please contact or Service Request Line at 1 (800) 996-City or, 3-1-1, and request to speak with someone from our Urban Forest Division.


I’m a disabled person in a wheelchair and need access ramps on the sidewalk corners near my house. How can I get them installed? Play Video

First, please call our Service Request line at 1 (800) 996- CITY or 3-1-1 and request the installation of an access ramp. Secondly, the more information you can provide us about the intersection, the better we will be able to respond to your request. The Special Projects Division is dedicated to making the City of Los Angeles’ public right-of-way more accessible.


If I have any other questions about City Services, who can I speak with? 

For information and direction to the appropriate city service provider, please dial 3-1-1 for assistance and the operator will connect you with the proper Bureau with whom you wish to speak with. Or, if you would like to contact the Bureau of Street Services via website, you may do so at