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Frequently Asked Questions for
Weed Abatement

Why was the “Notice to Destroy Weeds” sent to me?

The notice is an annual, routine reminder sent to property owners of 15,000 vacant parcels in the City and it is not a citation.

What authority does the City have?

The City has legal authority under the State Government Code (Sec. 3950 1- 39588) and the City Ordinance. It is the owner’s responsibility to abate the public nuisance of noxious weeds and remove rubbish, refuse, and dirt.

Do I have to attend the hearing?

No, unless you desire to protest the ordinance, or ask for removal of your parcel from the ordinance.

What will happen if I do nothing?

The property will be inspected by the crew supervisor. If work needs to be done, the parcel will be cleaned and charges will be assessed on your tax bill. If your lot is clean when our City crews arrive, your lot will be bypassed.

May I clean my own lot?

Yes, property owners are encouraged to clean their own lots. The City charges more than a typical landscaper and owners are advised to clean the lots on their own.

If your property is clean, please notify the Lot Cleaning Division.

Can you recommend a private contractor?

We cannot recommend or endorse private contractors; The Yellow Pages of the telephone book has a list of contractors under “Lot Cleaners”.

When will city crews come?

A courtesy notice will be sent approximately 10 days prior to the expected cleaning date. (Starting approximately in April) .

What are satisfactory means of cleaning?

Discing. Mowing weeds is not always satisfactory as it does not abate the fire hazard unless the trimmings are removed. Also, mowing does not impede growth. If the lot is completed satisfactorily, it will be bypassed. For a sketch of general requirements, you may refer to the LA Fire Department brush clearance requirements at their website.